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About Naomi

Naomi Mayahi is a published author. She is committed to personal development. As a speaker and moderator, she is a true inspiration and connector. The question that kept her busy for many years now is “how can one feel at home in a new environment?” That same question is at the essence of her mission in life. Hence her newly launched co-written book: UPTURN 2 Personal Development.

The book UPTURN 2 Personal Development is written bij seven authors:

They have devoted their life to serving others in their personal growth. They have experienced challenges in life. Questioned which direction to take. Yet never gave up. Regardless of the hurdles and the uncertainty they continued their path. By doing so, they gained valuable insights. These insights are bundled for you in this book. To motivate you and guide you along the way. To make you see your true potential wealth within. For you to take ACTION and live your MAKING.

Some of the many insights you will gain by reading UPTURN 2:

> How to feel the fear and DO it anyways
> How to live your making, regardless of challenges
> How to believe in yourself and the rest will follow
> How to be your authentic self
> How to connect with your team

> How to reconnect with your body
> How to create your tribe of supporters
> How to become unstoppable

Gain these insights and many more to uncover your potential. Each chapter also provides you with valuable exercises to guide you further in your personal development.

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My UPTURN came when I started to embrace myself with all my diversity. I learned  that being authentic is the greatest gift I have received. By doing so I started creating space to share more of myself with the world. To step out of my comfort zone and share all the valuable insights I have gained by being a world citizen. As I witnessed myself and many others surrounding me, struggle with this concept of accepting yourself in all your diversity, I decided to write my story, Embracing yourself – care for your heart”. To give you methods to embrace who you are in your full diversity and to unleash your true potential within.  Also, I introduce the CARE-method by which leaders of today and tomorrow can learn about being more inclusive.”


In the book UPTURN 2 Personal Development we, 7 authors openly share with you our personal journey in life. But more importantly, we share with you HOW exactly we got back on track thanks to our Personal Development journey. Now more than ever, we want to share our insights with you. Join the readers including men and women, athletes and artists, CEOs and entrepreneurs, teachers and students, leaders and teammates, and many other amazing human beings who aspire to improve their lives and make an upturn. Are you in? LISTEN, Get INSPIRED and ACT. To purchase UPTURN 2 make your selection bellow.

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